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    Cancellation Policy: Our appointments are confirmed 48 hours in advance. We require a 24 hour notice when canceling an appointment or a cancellation fee of 50% of the reserved service amount may apply. Also, we are unable to accommodate clients who are more than 10 minutes late to an appointment. Thank you!
    Please note that listed prices are subject to change in accordance to services rendered. For an estimate, please contact the shop or your stylist.

     Liz Glynn
    Owner/Manager & Stylist • liz@thorps.org

    LizExperience:  13 years
    Haircuts: $53+
    Color: $70+ standard, $100+ highlights

    Tara Ellenwood
    Stylist/Colorist  tara@thorps.org

    TaraExperience: 7 years, joined THORPS in Winter 2010
    Haircuts: $45+
    Color: $65+ standard, $95+ highlights

    Dinah Gacon
    Stylist/Colorist • 

    thorps headshots2-115Experience: 15 years, joined THORPS in Fall 2014
    Haircuts: $43+
    Color: $65+ standard, $90+ highlights

    Kenna Wisdom
    Short Hair Stylist/Colorist •  kenna@thorps.org

    KennaExperience: Joined THORPS in Winter 2011
    Haircuts: $40+
    Color: $65+ standard

    Josh Goodlett
    Stylist/Colorist •

    josh-1-2Experience: 7 years, joined THORPS in Fall 2014
    Haircuts: $38+
    Color: $65+ standard, $165+ Balayage

    Jennifer Michelle Leubner Veium
    Barber/Stylist/Colorist  jen@thorps.org

    JenExperience: 8 years, joined THORPS in Winter 2011
    Haircuts: $35 barber’s, $42 standard
    Color: $65+ standard, $85+ highlights

    Claire Nelson-Lifson
    Barber/Stylist  claire@thorps.org

    ClaireExperience: Joined THORPS in Summer 2011
    Haircuts: $30 barber’s, $34 standard
    Straight Razor Shave: $15+

    Quinley Outerbridge
    Stylist/Colorist  quinley@thorps.org

    QuinleyExperience: Joined THORPS in Fall 2012
    Haircuts: $34+
    Color: $60+ standard, $85+ highlights

    Hattie Chamberlin
    Stylist/Colorist  hattie@thorps.org

    thorps headshots2-107-2Experience: Joined THORPS in Winter 2012
    Haircuts: $34+
    Color: $60+ standard, $85+ highlights

    Jesc Seeliger
    Colorist/Stylist  jesc@thorps.org

    JescExperience: 7 years, joined THORPS in Winter 2014
    Haircuts: $38+
    Color: $65+ standard, $95+ highlights
    Keratin Complex Treatment: by consultation only



    Alyssa Williamson
    Barber • alyssa@thorps.org

    retake crops-1Experience: Joined THORPS in Summer 2014
    Haircuts: $28 barber’s cut, $32 standard cut

    Frances Brown
    Stylist/Colorist  frances@thorps.org

    FrancesExperience: Joined THORPS in Summer 2013
    Haircuts: $28 barber’s, $30 standard
    Color: $60+ standard, $80+ highlights

    Molly Hanson
    Stylist/Colorist  molly@thorps.org

    MollyExperience: Joined THORPS in Fall 2013
    Haircuts: $25+
    Color: $55+ standard, $75+ highlights


    Sadie Swenson
    Stylist/Colorist • sadie@thorps.org

    sadie-1-2Experience: Joined THORPS in Spring 2015
    Haircuts: $25+
    Color: $50 standard, $70+ highlights

    Kas Kingery
    Stylist/Colorist • kas@thorps.org

    kas headshot square-1Experience: Joined THORPS in Spring 2015
    Haircuts: $22+
    Color: $50 standard, $70 highlights

    Taylor Franklin
    Apprentice Stylist • taylor@thorps.org

    retake crops-2Blow Dry Style: $15
    Color: $35+ standard, $40+ highlights
    Women’s Haircut: $18–long layered or medium/long one-length ONLY
    Wax: $8
    *Apprentice services may take longer than associate stylist services. For more information, please call the shop.

    retake crops-3Katie de Heras
    Front Desk/Social Media Manager • katie@thorps.org

    Madison Ryan & Lauren Peterson